Taban Publishing Presents

An Exciting New Class



The Art of Persian Calligraphy

By One of the Masters of His Time

Hamid R. Rahimi, Ph.D.





This is a monthly course with 4 sessions
A Complimentary Calligrapher Starter Kit is Included with Registration of Your First Course.

Promotional Offers Available for a Limited Time Only:

Registration will be
$200.00/month, tax not included. (Reg: $269.00)
1 EXTRA session for your FIRST month (total of 5 for your first month)


Calligrapher Starter Kit Package Includes:

1 Bamboo Calligraphy Pen
Fine Art Paper (Kaghaze Gelaseh)
Ink Supply: Dry Black Ink (Morakabe Khoshk) and Silk Filament Pad (Ligheh)


Group sessions available.
Long distance sessions via mail also available.

آغاز ثبت نام در دوره های خوشنویسی
(مکاتبه ای)

زیر نظر فارغ التحصیل ممتاز انجمن خوشنویسان ایران

Dr. Hamid R. Rahimi, Master of Persian calligraphy,

Is now accepting new students for the art of Persian calligraphy


Group sessions available

Long distance sessions via mail also available
Please message me privately


بر کسب آگاهی های بیشتر، با آدرس زیر مکاتبه فرمایید

Registration Process
1. Payment by Paypal
2. Once payment is received, a registration form will be emailed to you.
3. Complete Registration Form and email or mail back to us.